RUN, AND KEEP RUNNING! Fork tongued, manipulative, deceitful, piece of ***.

Says one thing, does another. Bad, Bad Lawyer, not joking. His office is brown, old, garbage, green throw-up-on-it type. Old.

Pretended he knew child custody cases? He's a low-life: is really not a private lawyer, actually is on the "assigned panel" in Westchester, meaning, loser-lawyers who can't find private clients, the court "assigns" you this loser, at $ 75.00 per hour government rates. Then, he pretends he's a private, highly paid lawyer, and charges OUTRAGEOUS FEES, like $ 50,000.00 in total I paid. This is not a good guy, shuts you down when you want to talk, talks over you.

People listen: there are a lot better lawyers out there like in Manhattan, these White Plains lawyers all know each other, stay away FROM ALL OF THEM. I found out the hard way.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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New York, New York, United States #1353477

Couln't agree more. A little Napolean who is biased and doesn't have an ethical bone in his body.


Disgusting to look at and listen to.....that is Gregory Salant. He was hired by his father for their low level law company.

Who else would hire this *** bag?? Little Greg went to an unheard of school for law where you register and go. He lies under oath, he is clown like in court and the fact that he is short with a huge bald spot and tiny feet, makes him veryyyy angry and resentful.

All of the a above is true whether under oath or not. LOL.

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